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The abbreviation "FF" stands for "Fist Fuck" - here the fist is inserted into the partner's fist.

Those who want to stimulate their partner in a particularly "hard" way often end up sooner or later with the FF, the Fist Fuck / In this technique, one sex partner inserts his fist into the other - as the name suggests. In the Gay Scene FF plays an important role not only in porn, but of course also in private bedrooms.

Especially when, for example Tail or fingers are not enough to give each other horny orgasms, FF can be a great alternative. However, due to the size of the average fist, it is important to sometimes take appropriate precautions. For example, a little lube can help you penetrate even better (and painlessly).

Also a previous Anal shower usually makes the procedure a little more pleasant and hygienic for everyone involved.

FF is considered by many gays to be a rather dirty sex practice. This is precisely why the technique enjoys great popularity. It offers the chance to experience unforgettable orgasms or at least a very special kick without the need for elaborate toys.

Anyone looking for a FF ONS (or a longer affair) will often find what they are looking for in an internet chat. Here it is no problem for many to openly exchange individual wishes. The abbreviation "FF" is often used online and on the relevant platforms and can help to explain as quickly and simply as possible what is expected from a real date.