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The frenulum is a small ligament located between the glans and the foreskin in men and between the clitoral glans and the foreskin in women.

The frenulum is often called the "F-spot". This is the small frenulum that connects the Acorn with the Foreskin connects. This spot is particularly erogenous for most men and can therefore also be used for the Blowjob can be stimulated wonderfully with the tongue - or alternatively with the hand or fingers. Many gays find this fold of mucous membrane particularly erotic. Some even have it pierced and thus make it particularly conspicuous. Scene.

But be careful! If you put too much strain on the area during sex, you risk tearing the frenulum if necessary! The same applies, of course, if you stimulate it too intensively with your teeth.

Especially in connection with the frenulum, the motto "Less is more!" applies to many. Especially after a Orgasm the small area can become very sensitive and accordingly feel unpleasant to touch. As is often the case, it makes sense to pay attention to the other person's reactions.

By the way: the term "frenulum" originally comes from Latin and freely translated means "reins". No wonder! After all, there really is a slight pressure or pull here. However, the little ribbon between the glans and the foreskin is by no means the sole beneficiary of the term "frenulum"! There is also a frenulum in the oral cavity and in the intestine. Here, too, small ligaments ensure that the corresponding areas are under slight tension.