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The harness is a full-body knight's armour, which is often used in BDSM during sex.

If you are looking for a special role play idea and at the same time are interested in straps and Leather can inspire, among other things, the Fetish around harnesses a chance. A suit of armour is a knight's armour that is used, among other things, for Role plays at BDSM area can be used.

Especially because of the comparatively high weight and the - if desired - tight-fitting straps. come Here, fans of pain and endings get their money's worth. Since the person wearing the harness cannot move or cannot move very flexibly, those affected often feel a little (or a lot) at the mercy of their counterpart. An ideal condition for BDSM games of a special kind!

Whether the harness is worn on bare skin or with lacquer and leather underneath is of course up to personal taste. What is certain, however, is that this is less of an accessory that is sold in a typical sex shop or used at home. Those who would like to try out this fetish for themselves must therefore usually visit relevant studios from the BDSM area.

Some offer - parallel to the harness - a matching, historical ambience and thus make the illusion of the "delivered knight" or the "helpless prisoner" in the dungeon perfect.

By the way: with the visor down, the armour is also great for anonymous sex. After all, no one knows who is hiding under the armour.