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Anyone under "homo suspicion" is suspected of being gay. The term is a form of discrimination.

The term "homo-suspicion" is a form of discrimination. Because: of course it is absolutely legitimate to assume of a person that he or she may be gay (or lesbian) could be. However, those who speak of homo suspicion in this context associate homosexuality with something negative.

After all, the word "suspicion" is usually used exclusively in connection with crimes. However, that homosexuality is not a crime should actually be known to all people in the 21st century. Unfortunately, however, there are still many who do not encourage acceptance here, but rather a Homo healing guess.

Every gay (and of course every Straight) has the possibility to react both openly and defensively to a homo suspicion. Some make a joke out of deliberately spreading rumours, others use an existing suspicion for their Coming Out.

But: no matter whether gay or not - everyone should always remember that it is NOT a disgrace or a crime to be gay. Can the "suspicion", which de facto cannot be called such, be confirmed? All right. Is it a case of misjudgement? Also fine.

In a modern, tolerant age, it is important to be aware of the power of words and labels. Therefore, it would certainly be right to dissolve the composition of "homo" and "suspicion" and thus ensure a clear statement. Homosexuality is NOT criminal! The times when Gay punished by law for their love of the same sex are (thank God) over.