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When yelping, the tail is massaged or pulled so that it becomes bigger.

Who does not wish for a bigger Penis? Jelgen, a special massage technique, is supposed to make exactly that possible.

The principle: pressure is exerted with the help of certain movements, pulling and a special stretch technique. This starts directly at the base of the penis and discharges mainly in the area of the Acorn. The whole thing is supposed to work especially well in connection with a stiff penis.

Alternatively, both hands can of course be used for yelping. However, depending on how much pressure is applied, the technique can also hurt a little. To ensure a particularly high comfort factor, it is advisable to use lubricant gel.

And: even if many gays on the internet seem to be quite enthusiastic about this technique, it is important to remain realistic, of course. Not always can the Tail actually increase permanently through the jelgen.

But: the feeling evoked when yelping can, of course, be extremely horny be. Depending on personal preference, it is above all the pressure on the base of the penis that increases the pleasure of an upcoming Orgasm can even intensify.

In addition, jelging is of course also super suitable to be incorporated into a masturbation's session. In short: even though this technique is mainly associated with enlarging or lengthening the cock, it would be wrong to underestimate the high pleasure factor! A great massage technique that has already provided one or two orgasms and can be pampered even more individually with pressure and lubricant!