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The abbreviation "M" (medium) is often used to describe the length of the penis. M stands for a length of approximately 11 to 16 cm.

Those who want to describe their own penis length (or the length of their partner) in the most elegant way possible often use the letter M. As in the context of clothes, the M here stands for medium and in this case for a medium cock length.

In Europe, about 11 to 16 cm is considered a "guideline" in this case. In general, however, you should never (neither with gays nor with heterosexuals) draw conclusions about the sexual qualities of the respective owner from the length of the cock alone. On the contrary! Some men, for example, who "only" have an "S - Penis" and thus have a rather small variant, develop into a special surprise in bed. Other men, on the other hand, who rely exclusively on their big L - Tail sometimes disappoint.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that the reference values here are based on the length in the flaccid state. Those who have a so-called "blood penis", for example, will confirm that the length of the cock can increase significantly (!) when erect. It would definitely be wrong to jump to conclusions here.

Another advantage of the M-wearers: they usually have no problems in getting a Condom to find one that fits exactly and sits well. While L and XL men often have to resort to special elastics, come them out with the standard variant.

One thing is certain: just about every penis size offers its advantages and should not be the reason to decide against dating.

Nevertheless, anyone who wants to know in advance how good their possible sex partner is equipped can also ask in the chat. Many gays are comparatively open with the relevant information.