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A clamp sister is a gay man who does not stand by his inclinations.

Clamp sister" is a somewhat derogatory term for a gay man who does not stand by and claim his homosexuality, straight to be. Many gays feel that such behaviour is extremely ridiculous and use the term "clamping sister" to express that here obviously the Tail is clamped between the legs or "pulled in".

The reasons for a man becoming a clamp sister can be many and varied. Many gays are afraid of a Coming Outothers fear consequences in connection with a (possibly) aspired career or the break with parents.

At a time when the LGBTQ community is getting bigger and bigger and is fighting more and more strongly for their rights, it seems unacceptable to many gay men to consciously exclude themselves from the community - despite corresponding inclinations - and to weaken it in a certain way.

Especially the part "Sister"However, it also shows that the person concerned is "somehow" still a part of the community. Perhaps it is possible to convince the "clamp sister" of the power of cohesion?

One thing is for sure: "pinch-hit nurse" is certainly not a classic swear word and cannot always be interpreted in an exclusively negative way. Sometimes it is just an attempt to convince someone else with a little teasing that it is definitely not a "shame" these days, gay to be.

If you realise that there are a lot of gay men who don't dare to openly declare their gayness, you know that the number of gay men - not only in Germany - must be very large.