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Snot is a particularly colloquial or vulgar term for semen.

If you want to really get your partner going with kinky terms during sex, you often use the word "snot" for sperm. Admittedly: Snot and sperm can look similar - depending on your state of health.

Gays who find, for example, that "Jizz" is still far from vulgar enough, have certainly found a suitable alternative in Rotze.

Whether the ass or the face is then finally smacked is up to each person. Many gays are incredibly turned on by the idea of smacking their partner's face with an Cumshot to splash it all over.

It may sound a little unsexy, but the colour of said snot can also say a lot about a man's health. If you find blood or a colour other than white or light beige in your semen, you should see a doctor for a check-up.

What is certain, however, is that snot is considered so sexy by many men that they love to go down on each other. wanking. Especially in connection with the famous Jack Off Parties are an opportunity to do this. Classic sex is forbidden here. Rather, the participants are interested in engaging - literally - with themselves and watching each other masturbate (and squirt at the end).

Responsible gays (and also Straight-men) naturally snot during sex in a Condom! This is because, among other things, infectious diseases can also be transmitted via the snot, such as for example Aidscan be transmitted. If you take precautions here (also during spontaneous sex or cruising), you not only protect yourself, but also your partner.