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Spitting is the English word for spitting. In a sexual context, this practice means spitting on the other person's genitals, for example.

Spitting is a sex practice used, among other things, mainly in the BDSM area is at home. The aim here is to spit on the other person or to be spat on. Whether the genitals or another part of the body is targeted is left to individual taste.

In many cases, spitting is also about a special form of humiliation, which usually also comes completely without words. This applies, for example, when the master spits on the slave.

Besides the fact that the corresponding Role plays can be extremely arousing, it is also, among other things, the special feeling that spitting triggers on the skin. The mix of moisture and warmth sometimes even makes the participants come to the Orgasm come.

Those who want to bring a little more pep into spitting and the corresponding practices can, among other things, of course also rely on the matching clothes. Especially clothes made of Latex and Rubber are popular when it comes to giving spitting the right ambience. Due to the smooth materials, the spit flows off very easily and gives the whole thing a slightly more wicked touch.

Of course, it's not only in the sex club and at the relevant BDSM parties that you can spit. If you want, you can also test out at home in your own bedroom how extreme you can be. horny this particular sex trend can be. However, due to the comparatively high psychological humiliation, it is important to be aware that respect for each other still has to play a major role in order to have sex at eye level.