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TV is a common abbreviation - especially within the gay scene - for transvestite, i.e. a man who likes to wear women's clothes.

In search of the most common abbreviations of the LGBTQ Scene many people quickly come across "TV". This is the abbreviated form for Transvestite. A transvestite, i.e. a TV, is a man who likes to wear women's clothes.

However, TVs do not necessarily have to gay be. With the Travesty it is rather a special art form, which of course heterosexuals can also practise.

A typical TV performer often appears in front of an audience in his or her role or created character. The corresponding shows are usually a mix of music and gags and often hold up a mirror to society. It would definitely be wrong to classify the work of TV exclusively in the category of "Klamauk". Because: the statements made within a programme are often more versatile than it might seem at first glance.

A special feature of TV: the eye-catching make-up! Many travesty artists love to deliberately cross boundaries here, to use bright, garish colours and sometimes also to shock a little.

In the meantime, the image surrounding TVs has changed significantly. What used to be considered "dirty" has already developed into a real cultural asset in many areas. Those who have managed to become known as TVs often enjoy a special reputation - especially within the scene.

By the way, unlike transsexuals, classic TV does not feel born in the wrong body. Therefore, many artists rule out a corresponding operation and instead are careful to always hide "everything" well or tie it back.