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UC stands for "uncut" and means uncircumcised. In an uncircumcised penis, the foreskin is still present.

"UC" is an abbreviation that is often found in gay chats. The letter abbreviation stands for uncut and means accordingly - translated - "uncut". An uncircumcised Penis exerts a great fascination on many people - just like the circumcised version, by the way. Or in other words: both versions (both cut as well as uncut) have certainly built up their fanbase.

The special characteristics of the UC penis lie, among other things, in its original appearance, while the circumcised penis is usually characterised by a less complicated cleaning and a specially groomed appearance.

Those who are exclusively looking for sexual adventures are often tempted to choose their sex partners exclusively through their cocks. A UC penis - if it also has the appropriate length - can stand out here.

The preference for uncircumcised dicks goes so far with some gays that they deliberately search for UC abbreviations - for example in the context of personal ads - or exclude other gays who talk about their circumcised penis directly from their dating plans.

However, the sensation a circumcised penis gives during sex is similar to the uncircumcised version. One exception: the Blowjob! Here it may well make a difference whether with or without Foreskin is blown.

Whether a potential sex partner is circumcised or UC often becomes clear before the first date. Especially when dick pics are used to heat up the mood, there are usually no more questions left unanswered anyway.