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Being uncircumcised means having a penis where the foreskin is still present. The opposite is the circumcised penis.

Most tails are uncircumcised. This means that the Foreskin is present and acts as a kind of "protection" over the Acorn lies. Some men who are uncircumcised have to have their foreskin removed for medical reasons, for example in the form of a constriction. For other men, optical or religious reasons cause them to say goodbye to their foreskin.

Whether the circumcised or the uncircumcised Penis which is perceived as "nicer" is ultimately a matter of taste. Many gays have their own individual preferences.

If someone who is looking for a sexual adventure is particularly interested in whether their potential partner's penis is circumcised or uncircumcised, there is of course nothing to stop them from asking "discreetly" beforehand.

Far more important than the question of whether the foreskin is still there or not, however, is for many the consideration of how long the penis of the person opposite is. This is because it is precisely this that can have a noticeably greater influence on the feeling during sex.

But: there are definitely differences in the Bubbles! Many gays find it particularly appealing to be with the Blowjob playing with the partner's foreskin. But again, what exactly is perceived as the better version depends on individual taste.

However, an uncircumcised penis offers a special advantage: it can be decorated with various piercings. After all, the foreskin offers plenty of room to insert rings or plugs, among other things. Scene to set.

Unfortunately, an uncircumcised penis is usually not as easy to clean as a circumcised penis. Therefore, the risk of infection is a little higher here.