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Cut is the English translation/abbreviation for circumcision.


The term "cut" comes from English and means as much as circumcised. Many gays use this abbreviation, for example, to talk about their preferences in chat.

Circumcised men were given the Foreskin at Penis removed. The Tail is thus perceived by many as more aesthetic or "cleaner". Accordingly, it would be wrong to explain the reasons for a Circumcision always be sought exclusively in the religious sphere.

Sometimes doctors also advise a Circumcision. This is especially true if the foreskin is too tight and thus causes pain. However, if circumcision is done solely for cosmetic reasons, the costs for the cut usually have to be borne by the patient.

A corresponding procedure can be associated with many advantages for the man. Many report easier hygiene and even the fact that the Orgasm could thus be delayed even longer. Accordingly, if you feel like "being able to" longer in the future and thus surprise your partner, you should also consider the advantages of the cut if necessary.

The cut usually does not take long. Moreover, it usually does not take a long recovery time until "he" is ready for use again. Furthermore, there are also reports that it is possible to reduce the risk of HPV transmission with circumcision.

One thing is certain: in most cases, a cut is a completely uncomplicated procedure that comes with a number of benefits. Nevertheless, it should never be forgotten that this is a minor operation. A comprehensive informative talk beforehand (and also the discussion of the existing risks) is the be-all and end-all.