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Urning is one of the lesser known terms from the LGBTQ scene. It was originally created to be used as an alternative to "homosexual". However, it never caught on.

The word "Urning" was created by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs. He was of the opinion that the word "gay"was too negative. Therefore, he was in search of an alternative. Urning was derived from the name of the goddess Aphrodite Urania. Because: the story says that she was composed of her father's body parts.

However, the view that "homosexual" is actually a term with negative connotations is obviously not shared by many people. Otherwise, the alternative would have prevailed at least to the extent that several people would have known it.

In the course of time, however, not only the LGBTQ community, but also the vocabulary associated with it nevertheless continues. Other terms that come up again and again in this context include "Fag", "faggot" and "Tucke".

This list alone shows (unfortunately) that there are indeed words that have an offensive effect. To find out whether or to what extent a term has a negative connotation, it is always important to consider the respective context. Many gays also use the various terms to a large extent self-deprecatingly.

It is also particularly interesting to contrast the change in the image of gays (and lesbians) within society with the various neologisms. After all, it can also be seen here again and again how the image of the LGBTQ Scene changes over the course of time. New designations in particular are often seen as a turning point that indicates that a change in thinking may have taken place or is taking place. Students of history and historians in particular are always delighted by such developments.