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Whip is the English word for whip. The whip is often used in classic BDSM games.

For many fans of BDSM a whip must not be missing from their assortment. This popular sex toy is available in different variations and is thus capable of causing pain at different levels of intensity.

While some Whips deliberately target beginners from the BDSM Scene there are models that can also be used without any problems in the Hardcore variant can be used.

The appeal of the whip comes not only from the pain, but usually also from the classic sound that this sex toy makes. Many gays get excited just by hearing the whip crack on the floor. The rear part of some whips can sometimes - depending on the model - also be used as a Dildo be used.

In BDSM clubs (and also in many classic sex clubs), whips have long been standard. Here, among other things, gays have the opportunity to get some "inspiration" for home. Due to the increased interest in BDSM, Sado and Sadomaso the different models are of course also offered in sex clubs, among other places.

One thing is certain: The market around whips is booming. This is also evident in connection with the porn industry. There are many films here in which the popular whips are skilfully staged.

Those who want to pursue their passion a little more intensively can sometimes supplement the use of the whips with other "accessories", for example with certain furniture or the like. Particularly when the passive partner or the Slave When a woman is not "only" whipped, but also tied up, a very special atmosphere is often created.