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WS is often used - often in relevant chats - as an abbreviation for water sports, i.e. sexual games with urine

WS in a sexual context stands for Water sports. This is a practice from the category "Dirty Sex", in which urine in particular plays an important role during sex. The partners or participants in a WS Orgy usually pee all over each other. Some also collect their urine in magnificent containers and then drink it out ceremoniously.

However, especially if the urine is actually swallowed, there is also a health risk that should not be neglected. As a rule, it is far less dangerous to wet the other person's body with your own urine.

The FetishThe name behind WS can be mistaken by outsiders as the Scene not always be comprehended. Interestingly enough, the borders to the BDSM area is fluid, as the game around urine is also excellent for humiliating one's counterpart.

In the course of time, WS has managed to leave a former dirty corner a bit. In the meantime, there are even many porn films that deliberately focus on this topic. If you want to go one step further, you can integrate not only urine but also faeces into your sex adventures.

WS Sex, however, also needs a little preparation. This means: emptying the bladder before sex is taboo. In addition, it makes sense to equip the respective area with an appropriate pad in advance. In this context, many manufacturers rely on Latex. The material is easy to wash off and dry and is therefore mainly used in relevant clubs.

By the way: The abbreviation "WS" is often found in the corresponding personal ads when looking for like-minded people. Fans of the scene know immediately what is meant.