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XL and XXL refer to longer penis lengths. XL includes lengths from 19 cm. XXL starts at 22 cm

With XL and XXL, penis lengths can be specified more precisely. The basic rule here is that a Penisthat is at least 19 cm long falls into the XL category. The XXL Tail then starts from 22 cm.

Many people associate a large penis with a convincing sexuality. However, this is a classic prejudice. Because: even the wearer of an XXL penis can turn out to be selfish in bed. For an unforgettable Orgasm it definitely needs more than just an XL or XXL version.

In addition, it often makes a difference whether the length of the cock is measured when erect or when flaccid. Some men show clear differences here. Especially when the penis grows at an above-average rate during erection, many speak of a so-called "blood penis".

One particularly good piece of news: of course, gays with a big penis don't have to do without condoms! The excuse "My dick is too big for rubbers!" no longer applies since the corresponding manufacturers additionally offer their condoms in XXL versions. However, it is actually true that a RubberIf the right size is not used, it can constrict the wearer. It is therefore all the more important to choose the right models.

But a TOO big penis can also prove to be a disadvantage. At the latest when there are problems with insertion during anal sex, many gays often want a slightly smaller version. Lubricant gel can help to counteract this, so that both the active and the passive partner get their money's worth.