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Confessing an infidelity? Does it make sense or not?

Confessing an infidelity Useful or not

How sensible is it to confess an infidelity? Entering into a monogamous relationship is no problem for many people - at least in the beginning. The butterflies in the stomach are omnipresent. Nothing seems to dampen the newfound happiness - until everyday life sets in. After a few arguments, some couples often only see the things that... weiterlesen

Sex in the relationship: How much pleasure is "normal"?

Sex in the relationship How much is pleasure "normal"?

How much sex is actually normal? Excitingly, even today many people still have problems talking openly about sex. Every now and then, however, they ask themselves: "Am I having too much or too little sex? According to classic prejudices, those who have too little sex are frigid, those who have too much sex are... weiterlesen