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How to fight quarantine fat - great workouts for 2



Many homosexuals are discovering a new hobby for themselves during the Corona crisis: eating. Admittedly: Anyone who spends a comparatively long period of time within their own four walls and works from the home office is quickly tempted to stop by the fridge at home more often than usual.

Unfortunately, it is not always fruit and vegetables that are eaten. Of course, it is no problem to indulge in a sweet now and then. Nevertheless, lovers of chocolate and co. should make sure they have an appropriate balance even during a self-imposed quarantine.

Of course, this can be realised particularly well in the form of sport. But how? The good news is that even people who do not have a well-equipped home gym can of course lose a few kilos at home. Of course, the most fun is to do it together with your partner!

Exercise tip no. 1: Who can do more?

A great opportunity for all friends of targeted competition! No fancy exercises needed here, just some stamina!

No matter if sit ups or push-ups: the goal is clear! Because: the aim is to do more repetitions than your partner! The principle of this challenge will certainly motivate you to achieve a personal best or two!

Exercise tip no. 2: Mutual balancing

Fancy some sport AND a little physical contact? No problem! (At least not as long as the training partners are people who live in the same household).

One example: with the help of exercises in which the amateur athlete stands on one leg at a time, the deep muscles can be stabilised in an impressive way. Especially at the beginning, however, it is often difficult to compensate for the characteristic wobbling. If an exercise partner is available, he or she can have a calming effect here - and at the same time try to keep the balance himself or herself.

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Exercise tip no. 3: Yoga for beginners and advanced students

Yoga is a wonderful sport that can usually be practised easily at home. Here, too, many exercises seem to be made for supporting each other.

Advanced "yogis" often do not miss the opportunity to climb to dizzying heights together with their partner, for example by positioning themselves on his legs - stretched out to form a candle. Both the bearer and the person on top are challenged in a special way. Sore muscles are as good as guaranteed!

Exercise tip no. 4: Boxing

In what sport is it easier to get your groove on than boxing? All you need is a suitable set consisting of a punching bag, boxing gloves and pads. You're ready to go!

With a passionate boxing workout, both strength and endurance can be trained. "By the way", the workout also often helps to reduce aggression and keep a cool head.

Exercise tip no. 5: a cosy cool down

Those who have trained a lot are also allowed to rest. And what is actually wrong with an extensive massage? Of course, both should alternate (for the sake of fairness) with massaging and being massaged.

An extensive massage can help to relax the muscles and prevent sore muscles accordingly. If you want to intensify the effect, you can also work with heat patches. One thing is certain: a massage is a direct combination of "sexy" and "relaxing".

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