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Help with a cold: these home remedies might help

The best home remedies for colds

Autumn is here, the temperatures are falling... And so the "perfect" time for viruses and bacteria has arrived, but these home remedies can help.

And: due to the current corona pandemic, it is also additionally difficult to distinguish a cold from a corona infection. In general, of course, the well-known motto applies: "Better safe than sorry! If you are unsure, if your condition worsens, etc., you should of course consult your doctor.

But even grandma always had the best tips for alleviating the symptoms of a classic cold. In the following, some particularly promising solutions will be presented.

(Almost) The most important home remedy : drink a lot!

In the event of a cold or flu infection, it is especially important to drink plenty of fluids. Fluid, preferably in the form of water and unsweetened teas, is a must for the body. This moistens the respiratory tract and makes up for the loss of fluids, which should not be underestimated especially in the case of fever, a little (or - depending on the amount drunk - a little more).

That is why it is enormously important to drink a lot. Hot drinks offer the advantage that they warm the body from the inside and promote blood circulation.

The classic: honey for an acute cough

The familiar scratchy throat is back and makes sufferers cough incessantly - at least it feels that way. It is particularly annoying when the cough disturbs sleep.

A spoonful of honey can possibly provide relief here. Many scientists are also convinced of the power of honey. So: often not only tasty, but perhaps also a saviour in times of need?!

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Classic No. 2: Chicken soup

In addition to the necessary supply of fluids, chicken soup brings other helpers into the body that can be beneficial in the fight against flu. Here, the pleasant feeling of having something warm in the stomach meets the protein cysteine, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce the swelling of the mucous membranes.

The important vitamins A and E are also contained in the "power soup". Especially practical: the soup can be stored in the freezer and reheated at will.

Ginger - spicy and (mostly) effective

The brain typically associates heat with the taste of spiciness. Those who don't like to eat chillies can help themselves to the "miracle tuber" ginger.

By now, ginger has found its way into the tried-and-tested home remedy cupboard... And not without reason: ginger contains both essential oils and pungent substances. The mix of the various ingredients can help clear the upper respiratory tract of mucus as it gradually becomes more fluid.

Furthermore, Taiwanese researchers believe that fresh ginger can prevent cold viruses from attaching to the body's own cells.

Incidentally, ginger is perfect for making delicious teas. To do this, cut the tuber into slices and pour hot water over it. Then steep for at least five minutes and - depending on taste - season with lemon and/or add honey.

Not only popular in Mediterranean cuisine: garlic

Garlic is traditionally used in Russian folk medicine, but is unfortunately still underestimated here. The bulb can not only strengthen the general defences, but also provides a mix of vitamins A, B and C, as well as numerous minerals.

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When symptoms arise, many Russians eat three (!) cloves of raw garlic. If you fancy garlic in liquid form, you can also use syrup. For this, five garlic cloves must be crushed and mixed with honey. This combination is heated and left to rest for six hours.

After that, a teaspoon is taken every hour. However, making out afterwards is not only problematic because of the risk of infection.


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