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Get out of the Corona rut - why vitamin D3 is so important now

What does vitamin D3 do in the body?

Regularly glancing at the news ticker, spending hours at the home office and living in a small flat can - especially during the Corona crisis - cause the mood to tip. Fortunately, however, the current contact restrictions do not mean that the German population has to lock itself up within its own four walls. On the contrary! Going out (according to the rule) is of course allowed!

It is known to be particularly important to get fresh air only with people of one's own household. If you stick to this guideline, you can - quite incidentally - support your immune system and boost your mood.

The first rays of sunshine, which perhaps even smell a little like summer, do the rest to ensure that nothing stands in the way of a relaxed grin on your face.

Vitamin D3 - the "sun vitamin

The name "sun vitamin" already suggests it: to produce this important vitamin, it needs light! When the sun's rays hit the skin, the body starts producing it shortly afterwards.

After the winter, the stores are correspondingly emptied. However, this is not because the sun's rays are less intense in winter, but is mainly due to the fact that a lot of skin is covered with clothing because of the cold. People also tend to go out less in winter. All this ensures that now is the time to soak up some sun. BUT: of course, it is also important to proceed moderately here. Otherwise, there is a risk of increased skin cancer.

Sounds complicated? But it is not! If you use the sun responsibly and protect yourself at the same time with the help of appropriate creams, you usually create a reliable basis. In case of doubt, for example with particularly sensitive skin types, the dermatologist can help. If necessary, he or she can also advise you to take vitamin D3 supplements. In principle, it is always a good idea to consult your family doctor before taking food supplements. Because: in the case of too high a dosage, side effects can also occur here!

Rainbow families - My parents are gay!

What can indicate a vitamin D3 deficiency?

Unfortunately, a vitamin D3 deficiency often shows up comparatively late. Especially people who:

  • often suffer from infections
  • Bone and back pain
  • Hair loss
  • bad mood

should have themselves checked accordingly. Here, a short blood test is sufficient to gain clarity.

What does vitamin D3 do in the body?

People with healthy vitamin D3 levels benefit on many levels. Among other things, the vitamin is responsible for a reliable defence and a strong bone structure (including dentition and teeth).

Especially with regard to exercise in the fresh air and the responsible use of the sun, however, another aspect should be taken into account - especially in the Corona crisis: the production of endorphins! These are so-called "happiness hormones" that - in the truest sense of the word - put you in a good mood.

It is therefore self-explanatory why the mood usually automatically improves after a walk in spring. Even if it is sometimes a little difficult to get up from the couch at home, exercise outside (yes, even in the big city!) is almost always worthwhile.

And who knows? Maybe after a few kilometres the effects of the Corona crisis can also be faced a little more relaxed?!

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