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Sweating adé - The ultimate sex tips for summer.

Admittedly: A little (or a little more) sweating is part of sex, isn't it? However, at the latest when it becomes uncomfortable, the question arises as to how sex in summer can be as relaxed and passionate as possible.

After all, no one wants to be disturbed by the smell of sweat while rolling around in the sheets. Thank goodness, however, that there are some tricks that not only make it fun to enjoy "hot nights" in the truest sense of the word, but also make it possible to get as close to each other as intensively as in spring or autumn, for example.

At this point it should be said: of course, the following advice cannot help to transform an attic into a cool wellness oasis in summer. But if you let your imagination run wild and check out the possibilities for implementation within your own four walls, you will certainly benefit in the long term.


Tip No. 1: Sex in the morning

In the morning, the temperatures are usually not yet as high as in the afternoon, for example. So how about postponing sex until the morning? Afterwards, you can take a shower in peace, so that nothing stands in the way of a (hopefully) relaxed summer day.


Tip no. 2: Foreplay in the shower

Especially in summer, many people appreciate the fresh feeling after a relaxing shower. If you feel fresh and well-groomed, you often feel more like having sex. Especially practical: the shower is a wonderful place to start foreplay. Both partners can then make their way to the bedroom with a pleasant body odour.

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Tip no. 3: An air conditioner for the bedroom

Many people still assume that an air conditioner must necessarily be expensive in order to cool down a room within a short time. However, this is a classic prejudice. Because: in the meantime, there are many devices that are perfectly suited to be used as a "seasonal accessory". The prices vary greatly here. The smaller, inexpensive units are often suitable for rooms with a somewhat smaller square metre area.


Tip no. 4: Games with ice cubes

What could be better than rubbing yourself with an ice cube in hot temperatures? That's exactly what your partner can do with this sex practice. With the help of the frozen water, a great cold-hot atmosphere is created. Be careful! Don't forget a pad!

Of course, if you want, you can top it all off with ice cream and a scoop of your partner's belly. lick. There are almost no limits to the imagination here.


Tip no. 5: The summer quickie

The rule usually applies: the longer the sex lasts, the more you sweat. If you don't feel like lolling around on each other dripping with sweat, you can of course opt for the classic quickie now and then and - together with your partner - cross the finish line after a few minutes.


Tip no. 6: Sex away from the bed

Is the bedroom the warmest room in the entire flat? In this case, it might be worth considering having sex in another place, for example in the kitchen or living room. By the way, this can often refresh the relationship a little.

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Tip no. 7: Dark blinds

Dark blinds are excellent for keeping the heat out. Even when the sun shines comparatively strongly on the windows, this results in a great, slightly cooling effect. In addition, dark blinds are a great privacy screen for nosy neighbours.


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