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Streaming and monarchy fans watch out: "The Great" starts in Germany.

"The Great" starts in Germany

Since a few days come Fans of monarchies, opulent dresses and witty dialogue will get their money's worth on the Amazon Prime channel Starzplay. Because: the historical satire "The Great" was launched! Here, the story of Catherine the Great is told in an adventurous way.

Even though the makers have most certainly not followed the history books to 100%, entertainment awaits here that should make even historians smile.

What is "The Great" about?

"The Great" deals with the young years of Tsarina Catherine. As already mentioned, the series does not focus exclusively on historical facts. Instead, the viewer's entertainment comes first. And yet: the plot, the actors and numerous details provide a wonderful insight into the time and the life of a woman who was always a small step ahead of her environment in many ways.

Accordingly, anyone who feels like acquiring a little basic knowledge about the Russian Tsarist Empire and at the same time does not take every word at face value should have found a suitable partner for the coming summer evenings in the satirical mini-series.

The plot in detail

History buffs know: Catherine the Great, like so many women at the time, married in an arranged marriage. She was interested in politics from an early age and was confident enough to make her opinion known to others.

Her negotiating skills and ability to mediate between the people and the nobility play a major role not only in the history books but also in the series. It is not difficult to imagine how she must have managed to hold up a mirror to a rather narrow-minded society every now and then and to show other monarchs their limits.

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Who should watch "The Great"?

"The Great" is one of those series that can be comfortably watched "at a stretch" for the most part. It is fun to watch actors such as Elle Fanning (as Catherine the Great) and Nicholas Hoult) as Peter III bring their roles to life.

Those who were already enthusiastic about "The-Crown" but missed the wit and satirical puns here should love "The Great". Despite the fact that satire seems to be at least as important here as epic costumes, the individual episodes never give the impression that the past is being ridiculed here. On the contrary! At the centre is a strong woman who is certainly a little different from the real Catherine, but who the original would certainly be thrilled with.

From outsider to state leader

If "The Great" carries a special message, then it is surely that it is always worth fighting for one's dreams - even if social conventions may speak against it. In a way, the series could be seen as a kind of "homage" to being different.

The probability that "The Great" will be well received by queer audiences, among others, is high. After all, the plot shows that it can't be wrong to be tolerant, open-minded and perhaps even a little ahead of one's time.

A great statement in a time when being different has become so important in the mix with a healthy self-confidence.


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