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Veggie and meat-eater relationships - is that even possible?

Love between vegans and meat eaters

Many gays (and of course many straights) know the problem: their partner is a vegetarian, while they themselves could never imagine giving up their "much-loved" steak. In turn, many veggies can also identify with the challenge of having to watch their loved one eat a schnitzel.

In short: veggie-meat-eater partnerships offer plenty of explosive material. With a little care and the following tips, however, you can ensure that nothing stands in the way of a harmonious relationship - even when it comes to eating.

Tip No. 1: No proselytising!

Tip No. 1 is directly the ultimate tip that can create the basis for a harmonious relationship between veggies and meat eaters: Do not proselytise! Neither the meat-eating nor the vegetarian partner should try to convince their respective counterpart of their own lifestyle.

This is precisely what will almost certainly backfire!

Tip no. 2: Looking beyond the culinary horizon together

Fancy some new recipes? Vegetarians often love to cook for meat-eating friends and prove to them how versatile meat-free cuisine can be.

Of course, the recipes should also be imaginative and delicious. Perhaps a joint vegetarian cooking class would be a good way to discover great dishes together?

Tip No. 3: Stand together

The best friend is making jokes about vegetarians again? A mate can't help pointing out that meat is murder? To keep the peace within the relationship, it is important that both partners stand by each other and never laugh at each other in such situations!

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In most cases, the "troublemakers" stop making jokes on their own when they realise that they are running into a wall with their sayings.

Tip No. 4: Cook for each other (if possible)

Admittedly, not every vegetarian finds it easy to cook or roast meat. However, if this is not too much of a hurdle, it can be a good idea to take this step and surprise your sweetheart.

Gestures like these show that love for each other is stronger than prejudice. However, if you absolutely can't bring yourself to prepare steak, fish and the like, you can of course surprise your loved one with a delicious veggie dish.

Tip no. 5: Eating out together

Cooking two different dishes can be a real challenge, depending on which dishes are chosen. Instead, it is much easier (and cosier) to visit a restaurant together that offers both meat and vegetables.

"A nice side effect is that it makes for a great date night, where the food certainly won't play the main role.

Tip no. 6: Find compromises

It may almost sound a little implausible, but: yes! The compromise between meat eater and vegetarian is possible!

For example, if you don't want to give up your steak, you can possibly do your vegetarian sweetheart a favour by buying your meat at the butcher's around the corner instead of at discount prices in the supermarket.

Many providers have focused on species-appropriate husbandry and maximum transparency here. Even if the animals in question are still slaughtered, of course, it can show a great willingness to compromise for the vegetarian if their partner suddenly shows an interest in the conditions under which the animals are kept.

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