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"The Mole" - Is the Vice Mr. Gay Germany the Mole?

Aaron, the Vice Mr. Gay Germany - Is HE the Mole?

In search of a new TV show where viewers have a chance to guess, many fans of television entertainment got stuck with "The Mole - Who Can You Trust?" last week.

Everything revolves around the "mole". The principle: a team is entrusted with a wide variety of tasks and has to earn the exact amount of money that it can eventually collect for itself. However, one of them, the "mole", plays a false game. The money that the group loses goes into his account. Accordingly, his interest is great that, of course, as many games as possible are lost. His task is to sabotage the team and thus pull the strings from the background.

If you take a little time to get involved with the series, you should soon find yourself a little lost in the guesswork. Now that the second season of "The Masked Singer" is over, it is certainly a great pastime for amateur detectives.

In the first episode, the candidates had to be buried alive and jump into a river from a dizzy height. The rule is: if you chicken out, you're scared - but it could also be the mole. Who knows for sure?

Aaron, the Vice Mr. Gay Germany - Is HE the Mole?

Among all the participants, one in particular always stands out: Aaron. He is currently studying German and musicology in Cologne and was "incidentally" vice Mr. Gay Germany.

It should not have escaped the viewers' (and the other participants') notice: this candidate has something up his sleeve, is good-looking and is of course - like all the others - suspected of sabotaging the group.

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Every now and then he comes across as if he were analysing his competitors and trying to look behind their foreheads. In these moments, the open, cheerful disposition alternates with a thoughtful side.

Is he planning the next steps? Or is he really just thinking about which of the others could be the mole? One thing is certain: if Aaron were really the mole, he would play his role perfectly. He seems extremely empathetic and (at least after episode 1) still honest. The other candidates also seem to be of this opinion. When it comes to assessing each other, he lands in the middle confidence range. Perhaps it's all just calculation? Or is the German language and literature student really a young man who wants to work in a team in order to win "the big money"?

Udo is out

After episode 1, driver Udo already had to leave "The Mole". After three tasks he had to go home again. Quite surprising - even for himself. In the interview he praised his knowledge of human nature. Unfortunately, he could not score points in the quiz about the Mole's identity and was eliminated.

Accordingly, the suspense continues. Especially because the off-screen comments and the scenes are cut together in such a way that several candidates could be suspected of being the mole. But let's be honest: it would be boring otherwise. What would a show be without at least one good twist?

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