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Pet owners in a bind - Unfortunately, more and more pets are being surrendered !

Unfortunately, more and more pets are given away !

The most popular pets, the dog is considered "man's best friend", the cat the most cuddly roommate. Especially during the Corona crisis, many people realised how nice it can be to live with an animal.

But what if the home office is replaced by the classic work in the office on the other side of town? What if "normal" everyday life returns?

Many animal shelters are currently sounding the alarm. This is because - despite the holiday season and a comparison with the corresponding data from previous years - so many animals have rarely been surrendered.

The holiday is coming! Where to take the animal?

Those who have taken in their dog or cat not only as a diversified pastime for quarantine know that holiday planning with a pet can be quite "different".

But: of course it is also possible to go on holiday with a dog or cat (or with guinea pigs, rabbits and co.) quite comfortably. However, as is often the case, there are a few things to bear in mind beforehand.

For example, if you have taken in a dog, in many cases you can simply take it with you. Of course, it is important to find out whether animals are allowed in the chosen guesthouse or hotel. Especially in connection with camping holidays, a holiday with a dog is usually no problem. Cats, on the other hand, usually feel particularly comfortable if they can stay in their familiar territory. Of course, they have to be looked after here. Ideally, neighbours or friends should check on them once or twice a day. If no one has time, there is always the possibility of a cat boarding facility or a cat sitter.

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How loyal are pet owners?

Once you have decided to have an animal, you are not always prepared to regard it as a member of your own family until you die. On the contrary! Once the initial fascination has passed, many see the new housemate as a burden.

When the next holiday is coming up, the trip to the animal shelter is often not far away. The ones who suffer are the formerly "so much loved" pets. Depending on their character, they can easily suffer psychological damage - for example due to numerous changes of owner or abandonment in front of the appropriate facility... And thus become even more difficult to place.

When will the sad boom end?

Many animal shelters know the phenomenon from previous years anyway: as soon as the first federal states start their holidays, the number of pets surrendered increases. Due to the Corona crisis, however, the surrender trend is likely to continue, probably into the autumn.

Whether the facilities can withstand the mass of animal residents remains questionable. Especially smaller animal shelters could quickly reach their limits here. come.

In the course of the current situation, it is accordingly difficult to fall back on previous year's figures. It can only be hoped that more and more people become aware that the decision for an animal should never (!) be a selfish act.

Even if it is difficult to understand at the moment: the Corona crisis will end at some point... And then the question "Where to put the animal?" will no longer only play an existentially important role on holiday, but in everyday life.

Here, those are at an advantage who have perhaps thought more before deciding to take a very special companion into their lives.

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