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Désirée Nick likes Hendrik Streeck - but he's gay

Désirée Nick likes Hendrik Streeck - but he's gay

In the course of the Corona crisis, more and more virologists came forward. Besides Christian Drosten, it is also Hendrik Streeck, among others, who is repeatedly quoted by the media and who enjoys the trust of many people.

In her latest podcast, the "sharpest tongue in Germany", Désirée Nick, recently went into raptures. Together with her conversation partner Natascha Ochsenknecht, she talked about the virologist, among other things, and confessed that she had "fallen in love".

Désirée Nick and Hendrik Streeck - what's behind them?

It sounds a bit like a teenager's crush. The cabaret artist has - according to her own statement - seen the virologist on television. She had fallen under his spell and was now stalking him.

Anyone who knows Désirée Nick knows that this expression could certainly be a little exaggerated. Nevertheless, you can really hear her enthusiasm for the 43-year-old.

Among other things, she explains that Streeck is a man for whom she would have "pretty much dropped everything". The next sentence seems a little frightening and less funny. "I would now also like to destroy this man's marriage, blow it up, force myself into it. I would very much like to drive a wedge into his existing relationship."

This sentence is likely to strike a chord in some people's hearts. The question "What is actually allowed?" seems to be more present here than ever. Because (with all sense of humour): Anyone who has ever been betrayed or abandoned is unlikely to be able to laugh much at such a statement.

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Désirée Nick likes Hendrik Streeck - but he's gay

Hendrick Streek is gay

However, the public obviously does not have to worry about Hendrik Streeck's love luck. Because: the virologist is gay and accordingly should not be interested in "La Nick".

The scientist is not only in a committed relationship, but is even already married. His husband, Paul ZubeilThe cabaret artist's statement should therefore leave them cold.

However, it is also certain that Désirée Nick has certainly spoken from the heart of many women (and men). Yes, Hendrik Streeck is certainly what many people call a "handsome man"would describe him. He seems almost always well-groomed, is intelligent and for many - especially in the Corona crisis - represents a kind of calming pole.

How enthusiastic he is about the cabaret artist imagining him having sex with his Paul in the shower, however, remains to be seen.

A sobering realisation with some irony

In the end, Désirée Nick has no choice but to admit that it would probably be an "unrealisable love".

The only solution is to destroy his marriage and change his mind. And - with all due respect - this might indeed be an impossible task. Incidentally, this was also the opinion of her interlocutor in the podcast, Natascha Ochsenknecht.

After all, a look at the statistics shows that the prejudice that gay men are not very enthusiastic about monogamous relationships is a very outdated view. Not all gays are into open relationships. Especially not if they - like virologist Hendrik Streeck - have decided to marry the love of their life.

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Accordingly, Ms Nick will probably have to continue looking for men, while she may - publicly or secretly - continue to fancy Streeck.


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