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Conchita Wurst and LOU ASRIL cover "Lovemachine

Conchita Wurst and LOU ASRIL cover "Lovemachine

It was never really quiet around Conchita Wurst anyway. Now, however, Wurst is once again making a name for herself musically. Together with Lou ASRIL she wrote the pop song "Lovemachine" was published.

The song is reminiscent of the classic disco sound and was produced by the Austrian producer Kurt Hauenstein. The latter already celebrated successes in the past with his project Supermax. After the first listen, it is already clear that Wurst's special voice and the velvety soul of LOU ASRIL go together and make a very special statement.

"Lovemachine" - electro-pop to groove to

Even though the recognition value is definitely there, it is certain that "Lovemachine" (the original, by the way, dates back to the 1970s) now sounds far more electronic. Nevertheless: due to LOU ASRIL's special voice alone, the reference to RnB cannot be denied.

In short: a work that should interest music fans of many genres and that is quite capable of developing into an earworm.

Conchita Wurst and LOU ASRIL cover "Lovemachine

The video for the song - "Lovemachine" in a classic Austrian atmosphere

The video for "Lovemachine"was recorded at the Leopold Museum in Vienna. If you want to take a look and get a first impression, you can visit WURST's YouTube/VEVO channel.

Above all, the mix of music and the special ambience of the museum creates a special charm. Even though many contrasts seem to meet here, the result is still a round, harmonious picture.

"Lovemachine" - despite the interesting genre and the courage that is certainly behind every project of this kind - does not have to fear Wurst's predecessors, such as "Rise Like A Phoenix"Instead, Conchita Wurst shows once again that it is possible to move between musical worlds. Instead, Conchita Wurst shows once again that it is quite possible to move between the musical worlds, to carry away and "quite incidentally" also to make a statement.

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Conchita Wurst - an impressive career

Since 2014 at the latest, Conchita Wurst has been a household name to just about every music fan. Because: here she won with "Rise Like A Phoenix" the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria. In the past, she released a total of three studio albums and toured more than 25 countries on four continents.

But Wurst is also a welcome guest in the TV landscape. For example, he was part of the jury in "Queen of drags" and hosted Stefan Raab's ESC alternative "FreeESC".

The fans of the exceptional artist do not have to wait for the next projects. Because: Wurst is also in the music show "Famemaker" is also part of the party.

And: if Corona doesn't throw a spanner in the works, Wurst will also be back in 2021. live on stage... And certainly also "Lovemachine"to the best of their ability.

And LOU ASRIL? His CV is also lined with numerous successful stations. After his single "Divine Goldmine"The international interest in the artist with the special voice grew and grew.

ASRIL discovered his talent for music comparatively early, at the age of 11. Here he completed a classical piano training and already four years later performed his own songs on stage. At the age of 17, he won the Joe Zawinul Award. The collaboration with Wurst was a premiere. But the result is definitely worth hearing and seeing.


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