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Productive in the home office - is that possible?

 5 tips for working productively in a home office

The Corona crisis and its repercussions have shown that it is apparently easier than thought to work from home in a home office. Many companies where it was seemingly impossible to benefit from a flexible workplace until the first lockdown have now moved to allow their employees to do just that on a permanent basis.

However, so that the effectiveness of the work does not suffer, it is of course also important as an employee to observe a few points. After all, it seems tempting to sleep a little longer because, for example, no one controls the actual start of work.

The switch to a home office is a wonderful opportunity, for example, to prove to critical employers that it is possible to carry out daily tasks efficiently and individually at the same time. With the following tips, it is possible to increase productivity at the workplace at home.

Tip No. 1: the right look in the home office

Admittedly, sweatpants are certainly the most comfortable garment of all. However, they suggest one thing above all to the wearer: free time! However, this is exactly what is not wanted with regard to productivity at the workplace at home. From a psychological point of view, those who are in leisure mode are often more easily distracted, work less and ultimately fail to complete their workload.

Therefore, it is safest to dress "office-like" even in the home office and thus get in the mood for the working day. A nice side effect is that this also makes it possible to look forward to spontaneous video conferences in a more relaxed manner.

Tip no. 2: get enough exercise

People who don't have to run to the bus in the morning, save the trip to the canteen and don't meet up with colleagues during their lunch break usually move less than someone who has set up their workplace at home.

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This makes it all the more important to get some exercise, especially in the home office. Whether by getting up and walking around every hour, doing yoga exercises or a short jogging session at lunchtime: the possibilities are many and often even more individual than during the classic office routine.

Tip No. 3: Separate work and private life

Passionate workaholics know the problem: they can't switch off. This is especially true when the workplace is in close proximity. Therefore, it is all the more important here not only to take breaks, but also to keep to the end of the working day.

No more emails should be checked here and no more calls should be answered. What may sound rather unproductive at first is more effective than expected. The regular rhythm and the rest that comes with it ensure that the brain can concentrate even better after the appropriate breaks.

Tip no. 4: healthy food in the home office

If the fridge with all the goodies is in close proximity, it is often difficult to concentrate on work. If you're not strong-willed enough to fight chocolate and the like, it's best not to buy the "little sins" in the first place and instead eat several portions of fruit a day.

This not only improves vitamin intake, but also often increases concentration. Fruit is not too heavy on the stomach, tastes good and helps prevent the famous "midday slump".

Tip no. 5: stay in touch with others, but don't get distracted

This is a particularly individual topic. Some people who work in a home office love to communicate with others via messenger services and the like. Others feel distracted by this.

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The most important thing here is to be honest with yourself. If you notice that you spend a large part of your day chatting, you should especially cut yourself off from social networks during your working hours. If these messaging services are only used now and then, if they do not affect the work result and if they are good for the soul, there is usually nothing to be said against maintaining virtual contact with colleagues.


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