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Out of the (love) dream! Prince Charming Nicolas is single again

The first Prince Charming (Nicolas Puschmann) is single again

The first "Prince Charming"The first season of the series captivated queers and straight people all over Germany. Initially referred to by many as "the gay version of the Bachelor"The format was ridiculed, but it developed into something very special and was finally even awarded the coveted Grimme Prize considered.

All the more everyone was happy when "the prince" aka Nicolas Puschmann his Lars handed over the last tie.

For many fans who followed the action regularly, this decision was more or less clear. Because: Nico and Lars had become almost inseparable by then. After the final, they moved into a shared flat in Düsseldorf and together produced a podcast called "Endurance Sport Love". Now at least it seems Lars to have run out of puff. Too bad.

Nico and Lars - all over

A short selfie video of Nicolas Puschmann leaves Prince Charming Fans break your heart. In the car he explains succinctly: "That's it with Nico-Lars".

Four or four and a half words, but they say it all. The statement makes it clear: there is no need to speculate any more. The separation is now public. Many fans are shocked and ask themselves how the couple's love could break up.

But did it really break up or was the decision to part more one-sided? According to Nicolas' Statement has Lars separated and thus threw Nico literally into the deep end. This might explain why there have been videos and photos in the past in which Nicolas clear "fitter" looked like.

The difficult search for Mr. Right - where does the "Great Love" lurk?

A separation is hard for everyone... even for the prince.

When the paths part...

For Nicolas the separation - as already mentioned - came as a great surprise. He had no idea that Lars was planning to end the relationship.

On the contrary! Nicolas could even envisage a long, shared future with his (now) Ex Lars imagine. But now everything is different. There are no details about the background yet and there might not be any.

The only thing that is certain is that the world is now (who knows for how long?) richer by two singles. While Nicolas stunned and can at least enjoy a lot of virtual consolation from his fans, also reports in. Lars have their say.

He also confirms the rumours in a post on Instagram and also explains that he himself ended the relationship. He does not give a concrete reason either.

Somehow, however, it is then gratifying that the two obviously do not intend to wash dirty linen. So says Lars: "[Thank youWe thank you for the unforgettable time and for the strong shoulder in many situations".

Also under Lars' Post, fans can't believe that their favourite TV couple has separated. Many express their sympathy and others still think the break-up is a prank. Only time will tell what is ultimately true and whether the separation will remain so harmonious.

Different types of separation processing

Pushman wants to withdraw for the time being after the separation. He wants to take time to process what has happened. Lars Tönsfeuerborn on the other hand, throws himself into work. He wants to fulfil all his obligations, after all, he owes it to his friends, colleagues and business partners.

The escort fun with hunqz

This is obviously also true in the Prince Charming World the same as for "Normalos"Do what is good for you.

Prince Charming: What is actually behind Prince Charming?

At Prince Charming is a (meanwhile very popular) dating show, which in its basic features follows the principle of the "Bachelor" and the "Bachelorette" resembles.

In this programme, the gentlemen vie for the heart of the man. In the gayThe aim of the dating show is for 20 men to convince the prince of their worth. In each episode the field of participants is reduced until hopefully the partner for life is the last one left.

The principle of queer love seems to be working perfectly here. In the meantime, a "Princess Charming"A second season is planned. Here, a woman will be able to choose between several men and women. However, there is no official start date yet.


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