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"My Name is Elliot." - Canadian actor comes out as transsexual

Elliot Page comes out as transsexual

Elliot Page became known through films like "Juno", "Inception" and "Flatliners". Currently he is in the series "The Umbrella Academy" to see.

With his courageous statement Page a still sensitive issue and unceremoniously created a real media hype around it.

Like many other transsexual people, I would like to Elliot are (understandably) addressed with the masculine articles and pronouns. Actually, this should not be a problem nowadays - but for many it is.

The Outing - Elliot Page Chooses Social Media

The Canadian actor publicly outed himself on his Twitter account. With the lines "Hi friends. I wanted to let you know that I am trans, my pronouns are he/his and my name is Elliot.", he began his emotional Outing.

Next to these sentences, he additionally writes how happy he is with this decision. He would be supported by numerous people.

However, he also fears the negative sides that such an outing can bring. He does not "only" with haters, but also talks in his post, among other things, about "Jokes" and even violence.

Despite these concerns and fears, the Elliot Page nevertheless that this step was a happy moment for him. The relief or joy of which he speaks again and again can - with a little empathy - be felt through the lines.

Not only fans, but also many business partners reacted promptly to the outing and also to the actor's desire to work with "he"or to be addressed as a man. They did not wait long to take an important step: in the credits to "The Umbrella Academy", the old name was replaced by "Elliot Page" replaced. This is much more than "only" a formality, but a real statement.

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Elliot Page comes out as transsexual

Also interesting from a political point of view

Elliot Page also addresses society and politics in his posting. "You have blood on your hands." he wrote, referring to the still current exclusion of transsexual people.

And he is right: In the "oh-so-progressive" Europe, only a few years ago, forced sterilisation was considered a violation of human rights. Only those who are heterosexual are in the eyes of many people "normal". Queers are still attacked - both physically and verbally - even in modern cities.

In Pages The politicians are also responsible for this. Because: among other things, it is due to draft laws, medical guidelines and the general public treatment that transsexual people are still considered by many as "abnormal" apply.

He is not alone in this opinion. In the past, many people have already expressed the view that a rethinking of politics could possibly also result in a rethinking of the population.

The (often) questionable reaction of the media

As openly and tolerantly as fans and business partners reacted, the reaction of many media outlets was very different. Even high-ranking magazines refuse, Elliot Page with "he" to address.

Instead, they write about "the actress", who now obviously wants to be a man. What may sound like a "Trifle" may sound, is exactly what transsexual people suffer from time and again.

If not even the "big media" react tolerantly and adapt their reporting, how should society then follow suit?

Only with the right pronoun is the person recognised as the person he or she is. People's thinking is often shaped by words. It is all the more important to set a good example here and to accept what is probably the most individual decision of an individual.

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