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That's it! New Year's Eve 2020 to 2021 is history

 New Year's Eve 20202021 How the world (didn't) celebrate the turn of the year

Hardly any other event has been so eagerly anticipated as the New Year from 2020 at 2021. Pandemic, Forest fires and many others Disasters - no, the year 2020 cannot, for various reasons, be called "perfect" can be viewed.

No wonder that many people have New Year's Eve could not have expected. This time the big "Fireworks" and mass events off. The annual big events were all cancelled.

Nevertheless, people from all over the world welcomed the new Year welcome - just more quietly. Above all, the classic celebration on Brandenburg Gate as "Mass event" was greatly missed. The alternative was also not to everyone's liking.

What rules applied on New Year's Eve?

Interestingly, this year's appeared New Year's Eve rules far more uniform than many other specifications around Corona.

The rule was: maximum five persons from a total of two households were allowed to celebrate together. In addition, the Ban on attendance and assembly be observed. The Consumption, the Dispensing and the Sale from alcoholic beverages was prohibited.

So the common party people had to make do with this Year always in the hope that they will be able to Year to be able to get going again.

For many, cosier than ever: New Year's Eve at home

Party fans and dance enthusiasts had this Year to nibble particularly intensively at the corona rules. Almost nowhere were they able to use the new Year welcome. Clubs remained closed and events were cancelled.

Most Germans spent New Year's Eve accordingly in peace and comfort at home. The TV classics "Dinner for One" and "One heart and one soul" provided the appropriate New Year's Eve atmosphere - at least for many.

What to do about bad breath or bad breath?

The parties were reduced to the two already mentioned above. Households and the Living room of the republic became local mini-discotheques, at least for the residents. Some of them even networked with each other online and watched each other party.

New Year's Eve at the Brandenburg Gate

Since now 30 years will be held at the historic Brandenburg Gate one of the best known New Year's Eve parties of the country is celebrated.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors are (actually) drawn to the famous site every year to immerse themselves in the new Year with Live acts, DJs and lots of entertainment to celebrate.

Also for the New Year from 2020 at 2021 should not do without the big party. This time, however, without a live audience. Many Berliners were annoyed by precisely this circumstance. After all, several streets were closed for a big event that was not a big event at all.

Some New Year's Eve fans would have preferred the event to have taken place in the studio instead of Berlin's streets and at the same time call off a number of emergency services. In addition, some viewers complained that the moderators were not Mask led through the programme.

Between "normal" and "corona"... - the situation in China and other countries

In China, mainly in Hong Kong and Wuhanmillions of people also celebrated the New Year.

While most nations 2021 welcomed under strict hygiene measures, the celebrations took place in China will take place in the usual way. Also in the city Wuhan, the - according to studies - origin of the coronavirus, thousands of people gathered for a big New Year's Eve party.

Here it seemed that Corona did not exist. The party was boisterous and without masks.

In other Countries the public Fireworks through Laser shows replaced. Live events were few and far between and most people stayed over the New Year at home.

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In Greece The individual cities outdid one another in terms of the Pyrotechnics and thus offered people a visual spectacle. Unfortunately, there were also numerous accidents, among other things. These often resulted from the fact that Fireworks fans without further ado their own Firecracker handicrafts.

 New Year's Eve 20202021 How the world (didn't) celebrate the turn of the year

New York's Broadway in Manhattan, known for its huge New Year's Eve events, also remained largely empty and closed.

New Year's Eve 20202021 How the world (didn't) celebrate the turn of the year

In Sydney, people enjoyed the turn of the year on their own boat or ship to ensure a safe distance.

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