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Gift ideas for Valentine's Day - here romantic hearts beat faster

Valentine's Day 2021 These gifts are special

Only a few more days and then it's that time again: Valentine's Day is approaching in leaps and bounds. But unfortunately, the lockdown also continues. Does this mean that Valentine's Day has to fall through? After all, restaurants where the famous candlelight dinner could be celebrated are closed.

But don't worry! There is still a chance to come up with a great surprise for home.

For such a "Romantic kick", expensive gifts are not even necessary. On the contrary! Creating a romantic ambience in your own four walls is easier than you think.

Small (!) gifts

Small (!) gifts

No, Valentine's Day is of course not all about the gifts. But: small attentions still bring joy! Especially the famous "personal touch"should not be underestimated on 14 February. How about love notes that are then distributed throughout the flat? The loved one then has to search.

Other ideas: a jar with your partner's favourite sweets or a heart balloon with a love message.

If you want to get a little more creative, you can also make a memory box. In this box, objects are collected that have acquired a special emotional value in the course of the previous relationship. Through the various "Accessories"shared experiences can be recalled.

Culinary delights for two on Valentine's Day

Culinary delights for two on Valentine's Day

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So why not surprise your partner with a delicious breakfast in bed? Anyone who has been with their boyfriend for a long time will know their culinary preferences.

For fresh lovers, a mix of bread rolls, cold cuts, eggs and sweet treats is recommended. Lovingly decorated and served, the day becomes something special right from the start.

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If you wish, you can of course also enjoy your togetherness by candlelight at dinner. Additional romance comes especially when the dinner is prepared together. Among other things, it is particularly fun to work on a new recipe. In this way, teamwork can be taken to a new, romantic level.

The cinema evening in your own four walls

The cinema evening in your own four walls

In the age of streaming services and the like, the right film for Valentine's Day should be found quickly. Now all you have to do is turn your living room into a cinema. Homemade popcorn, tacos and the like provide the necessary cinema feeling.

Fairy lights additionally provide a romantic flair, while both "Moviegoers" can snuggle up comfortably in the cushions. Another advantage compared to the classic cinema is: everything is allowed and the films can be paused if necessary.

Trying new things together for Valentine's Day
Trying new things together Valentine's Day

This year is perfect for finding new common interests - and that completely "corona-compliant". On Valentine's Day, couples can try their hand at being cooks or bakers - as mentioned above.

New board games can also make an evening fun and liven things up. Videogaming fans alternatively have the option of plunging into digital adventure quests. In short: just because an evening is spent as a couple, it definitely doesn't mean that fun has to fall by the wayside. Reassuring, isn't it?

The common view upwards

The common view upwards

In February, it still gets dark comparatively early. After a shared dinner, a common digestive walk can provide a fair amount of romance.

If you want to break new ground here - in the truest sense of the word - simply look for a mountain or elevation in the immediate vicinity and guide your partner exactly there.

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Afterwards - in clear weather - a glance upwards is enough to admire the starry sky.

Additional tip: If it's cloudy, you don't have to give up your walk. Many lakes or parks offer an appealing ambience even without a starry sky.


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