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Why do two people actually fall in love with each other?

 Choosing a partner Why we fall in love with someone

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. It makes people believe in the good things in life and it can give them strength in difficult situations.

The good news: true love doesn't only exist in Hollywood films. In real life, too, it is possible to fall for a person - in a positive way - with heart and soul.

However, whether two people fall in love or not depends on various factors.

What is particularly interesting here is that the psyche often plays a greater role than the body.

The belief in true love

True love exists. At least, as long as it is believed in. Without the belief or hope in or for the great love, the corresponding feeling will not arise (or only with great difficulty).

Several separations or rejections can lead to defensiveness. The blame for one's own unhappiness is sought in others and this is exactly what leads to bitterness. After all, this way - according to one's own view - it is not possible to fall in love because "everyone else" is bad.

Or in other words: those who do not believe in the good in the other person and cannot take a leap of faith are searching in vain for love.

The visual component of falling in love

The first impression of a person is and remains visual. If a person appears attractive to the other, the ice can be broken quickly. Everyone can be enthusiastic about other attributes. Whether it's physique, eye colour or hairstyle, personal taste is often one of the deciding factors in whether a person wants to get to know another person better.

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Also important: the hormones and the smell

The body makes decisions about the choice of partner more often and more clearly than many would like to admit.

It's not for nothing that the hormones go into overdrive when the crush walks by. The various happiness hormones in the body are responsible for the corresponding emotions. These include above all dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. By the way, the stress hormone adrenaline is responsible for the butterflies in the stomach. It causes the "queasy feeling" in the stomach from time to time.

In addition, many people are also attracted by the smell of other people. Pheromones are responsible for such phenomena. They ensure that a smell is perceived as pleasant.

Balm for the soul: A person who meets his partner's needs

Especially in this day and age, many people neglect their needs. Only when someone comes along who fulfils exactly these (often unconscious) wishes do they become conscious again.

That is exactly what offers security. It feels good to be cared for on bad days and to be accepted with all your quirks. But be careful! Despite all the infatuation and despite the fact that it is of course nice to be cared for, it is important not to make your own feelings dependent on your partner's behaviour!

Many similarities help you fall in love

The winged words "opposites attract" and "like attracts like" are familiar to most people. Experience and research have shown that the second saying is more likely to lead to a long and happy relationship than the first.

The reason for this is actually simple. The more things a couple has in common, the more they can be shared.

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Couples with the same taste in music can attend festivals, concerts and parties together. Having the same interests, opinions, hobbies and values makes the relationship easier, as there usually tends to be less conflict.

The more similarities there are, the more likely a soul mate can gradually develop after falling in love.



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