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The term "full-on" is often used in the field of dirty talking and stands for jerking off without a rubber.

"Full-on snottiness" is often used in connection with Dirty Talk used during sex. This is the practice of spraying your partner with your semen - either in the ass or on another part of the body.

Due to the fact that the sperm is usually clearly visible, many gays associate it with a particularly dirty feeling. The effect is also used in many porn films to show the viewer that the actors have really come.

However, despite all the passion, it should not be forgotten that full-rooting is a procedure that is particularly dangerous with regard to the transmission of diseases, such as Aidsdefinitely cannot be classified as harmless. Because: even if you don't inject your ass while shooting up, the risk is still high.

But how did this name come about in the first place? If you take a look at the classic appearance of fresh sperm, you'll soon figure it out! This actually looks (also with regard to its consistency) a little like Snot.

By the way, one of the best-known forms of cum is the cum shot. Here, one partner opens his mouth while the other sprays on him or on his face. Some gays find full snotting degrading and are therefore not very enthusiastic about this practice. However, those who have a healthy relationship at eye level often quickly realise that this is usually just a special form of play between "dominant" and "submissive"This has nothing to do, or should have nothing to do, with a lack of respect for each other.