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A catsuit is a sexy one-piece suit, usually made of latex or lycra.


Catsuits play an important role not only on the catwalks of this world, but also in the gay scene when it comes to deliberately playing with one's charms. A catsuit is a one-piece garment. It was usually worn as a Latex or from Lycra was produced. It adapts extremely well to the respective body shapes and thus offers comparatively little space. It is also perfect for letting your imagination run wild.

On the contrary! Outlines can be clearly recognised! No wonder that the catsuit is often worn at relevant parties to show other gays what they - for example in the course of a ONS - could expect.

Even in porn and the erotic industry, many people fall back on the special advantages of the catsuit. Hardly any other item of clothing is associated with such a high dose of sex as this one-piece suit. Depending on the design, a few grips are often enough to get out of the garment. Sometimes, however, it can also be particularly horny It doesn't feel like you can spontaneously slip out of the catsuit. If you still feel like a quickie, you should choose a model that can be opened quickly, at least at the crucial points.

To increase their own pleasure factor a little, many gays do without underwear when wearing catsuits. The friction and the feeling of the forbidden increase the anticipation of impending sex.

Today, catsuits are produced in many variations. Whether with or without zips and regardless of the material, these are accessories. Above all, they can significantly increase the fun in the bedroom (or in the relevant club). Also very popular in the Scene the Uniform fetishism and the horny Role plays.