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The term circumcision is a synonym for circumcision. During the procedure, the foreskin is removed.

Circumcision is the medical term for Circumcision. Here the Foreskin removed. The reasons why doctors advise circumcision or why the patient chooses it can be many and varied.

Sometimes a Foreskin constriction for the intervention to be carried out. Other reasons for such a decision are usually of a religious or optical nature.

One thing is certain: the Penis of a man who has undergone circumcision is considered particularly attractive by many gays. In addition, the circumcised version is easier to maintain and proves to be less susceptible to infection.

The procedure itself is comparatively uncomplicated. The suture usually heals quickly so that the patient does not have to rest for long.

Many gays who are particularly proud of their circumcised penis (maybe even in the XL or XXL version?) love to show off their "best piece" in Dick Pics in Scene and send it to flirting partners.

One disadvantage of circumcision: after the Circumcision the possibilities for intimate piercing in this area are limited. After all, there is now no foreskin available here that could be pierced.

If you would like to have a circumcision performed, it is best to first contact your dermatologist. The dermatologist can not only advise you, but also refer you to the appropriate colleague if necessary. The interest in circumcision for optical reasons is growing more and more. However, the procedures are usually only covered by the health insurance companies if they are medically necessary. In all other cases, the costs have to be borne by the patient.



Circumcision is another word for circumcision


Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of the penis. Circumcision can take place for various reasons.