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In cum-swapping, the blowjob including orgasm is followed by a French kiss.


Cum-swapping involves "passing" sperm in a special way. First, one partner indulges the other with a Blowjob. After the Orgasm it comes to the French kissThis is how the sperm is brought back to its "owner". Many men find it extremely erotic to taste themselves in this way.

This, by the way, is a technique that is not only used in the gay Scene is popular. Cum-swapping is also available at Straight-It's a widespread practice among couples and is definitely not only used in porn.

Ideally, of course, a corresponding procedure should be coordinated with each other in advance (!). Otherwise there may be unpleasant surprises after the orgasm. come. After all, not everyone can get excited about the taste of their own sperm.

But what exactly makes cum-swapping so sexy for many gays (and straights)? Maybe it's the playing with the sperm? The possibility of tasting oneself? Interestingly, many women can also get excited about being tongue-kissed after oral sex.

Cum-swapping essentially means combining the passion after orgasm with "something forbidden" and letting the blowjob end in a special way. Whether the sperm is then swallowed or finally spat out is, of course, up to you. If you want to take cum-swapping to the extreme, you can of course let the sperm mass wander back and forth until there is nothing left of it.