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A foreskin piercing is a piercing that - as the name suggests - is pierced through the foreskin. There is no standard variant here. Over the years, many piercing variants have been developed, for example as rings or plugs.

A foreskin piercing is a special form of intimate jewellery. As the name suggests, the foreskin is actually pierced. Foreskin pierced. Whether plugs, rings or other constructions are used is a matter of personal taste.

The typical foreskin piercing - based on appropriate care and if it is stitched by a responsible piercer - does not pose a particularly high risk of infection. Of course, the aspect of care should not be neglected at all.

Wearing a Intimate piercing can also prove to be quite beneficial during sex. This is especially true when it is integrated into lovemaking. No matter whether during a Blowjob or during classic anal sex: this special piece of jewellery usually has a very special appeal. Depending on Position or practice, the ring or the plug can even be felt.

By the way, the pain of piercing this piercing is - as with other Piercing variants too - always perceived individually. While some people perceive the procedure as particularly unpleasant, others cannot really comprehend the excitement. Accordingly, anyone who wants to know what it's like to have their foreskin pierced simply has to try it out for themselves and form their own opinion.

By the way, some gays deliberately choose their sex partners according to their Penis and see the foreskin piercing as the "non plus ultra". For others, however, the length is more important than any jewellery.