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The abbreviation NS stands for golden shower - i.e. urine.

Whoever is interested in NS, i.e. in Golden showercan inspire, stands - in the truest sense of the word - on "Dirty Sex". Because: this is where sex games with urine take place. Sometimes this is drunk, sometimes the partners find it exciting to pee all over each other.

Especially when the NS is drunk, however, those involved expose themselves to a risk that should not be underestimated. Because: there are many bacteria in the urine, which of course can also cause diseases.

It is usually much "less dangerous" to urinate or pee in front of each other. Often it is the mix of doing something "particularly dirty" and at the same time feeling the warmth of the liquid on the skin that makes NS so exciting for both of them. Many gays find the feeling so arousing that they even go to the bathroom. Orgasm come.

Due to the fact that more and more gays (and straights) are turning to this Fetish there are also more and more porn films that deal with golden shower practices. Often, not only NS but also excrement comes into play.

Also some BDSM Clubs have followed suit and offer corresponding services for their visitors. Those who would like to test golden showers for themselves, but do not know whether they can actually pee spontaneously, can choose to urinate in a vessel beforehand and then pour it over their partner during sex. To ensure the highest possible standard of hygiene, it is of course advisable to place a washable pad underneath.

By the way: Chats and forums also offer golden shower fans a wonderful opportunity to find each other. The seekers usually find what they are looking for in the corresponding BDSM sections. Also the Hanky Code can help locate "dirty sex" lovers.