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The abbreviation "OV" is used, among other things, in forums to abbreviate "oral sex".

OV, or "oral sex", is not only popular with gays, but also with straight men. Some even find OV sometimes more intense than classic sex.

For men, OV means to be in contact with a Blowjob to pamper. OV can be used both as foreplay and as a sex variation.

Whoever wants to ensure that both get their money's worth at the same time at the OV come, must opt for a corresponding Position decide. Above all, "69" is extremely popular when it comes to parallel blow.

For many gays, it is a highlight - in the truest sense of the word - when they OV up to the Orgasm operate. In this case, one partner comes in the other's mouth. If you want, you can also give it a kinkier touch by spraying on the face or body.

However, especially when switching back and forth between OV and sex, it is important to pay attention to hygiene. A previous Anal shower can ensure that remains of faeces and co. are removed and both can fully concentrate on the corresponding A2M variant can concentrate on.

By the way: oral sex does not have to be limited to mouth and tongue games with the Tail relate! Many gays are also turned on by pleasuring the anal area with their mouths. These practices are counted as OV.

OV is also great for trying out in connection with quickies or fast orgasms. Here, no one has to take off all their clothes to get down to business. On the contrary! Blowjobs are also great for spontaneous passion in everyday life.