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Raw is another term for "bareback" and among gays it means sleeping together without a rubber.

Many gays associate raw fucking with a special attraction. Because: the use of a rubber is dispensed with. On the one hand, this may feel particularly intense and appealing, but on the other hand it carries the risk that STDs, such as Aids or Genital warts, be transferred.

Among others also know Hustler the problem that their customers insist on fucking Raw.

However, if you want to avoid infection, for example with the HI virus or other pathogens, you should never be persuaded to have raw sex.

Numerous information campaigns and, among others, also the German Aids Federation repeatedly point out how dangerous raw sex can be. This applies (not only, but especially) when partners are regularly changed in connection with one-night stands, affairs and cruising adventures. But even in a committed relationship, it is sensible not to rely on the Rubber to do without.

Those who have often gone through their past without Condom has fucked his sex partners is well advised to take an AIDS test to be on the safe side. With the help of this test, it can be detected whether an infection has already taken place.

From time to time, the word "raw" can also be found in chats and personal ads. Here, gays sometimes specifically look for other gay men who attach as little importance to contraception or protection against diseases as they do.

After a raw adventure and the possible realisation that the partner was actually infected with the HI virus, the so-called "anti-Aids pill" can still help in some cases. Here it is important not to lose any time and to contact your doctor quickly. He or she can reliably assess the situation.