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The sex sandwich is a popular position from the gang bang area.

Anyone who has ever watched a gang bang porn film has almost certainly been confronted with a sandwich. This is one of the most famous gang bang positions of all, which by the way can also be performed by two men and a woman or a woman and two men for straight men.

Also in the Gangbang Scene the sandwich enjoys particular popularity. The principle: one participant stands or lies in the middle. He is more or less in the centre of the "sandwich". The two "slices come each from one side and fuck or satisfy him in this way.

The pleasure factor is usually particularly high here, as with the sandwich all the erotic benefits of a Dreiers lived. Or in other words: somehow everyone always has something "to do". The one who is in the middle of the sex sandwich naturally enjoys special advantages. Mostly he is allowed to active fuck and gets passive fucked.

Accordingly, it's not surprising why many gays here sometimes want to switch in the middle of sex, so that everyone has the chance to cum once in this horny way.

Many also associate something forbidden with the sandwich. Depending on the constellation and exactly which practices are being lived out here, the whole thing often seems like a small Orgy.

Those who want to experience the sandwich for themselves naturally need like-minded people who share this passion. Many people find what they are looking for in the relevant gang bang forums. Here it is not only fun to plan the corresponding real meetings, but also to get a little heated up in advance, for example by assigning the roles "active" and "passive". Some sex clubs have also provided particularly large playgrounds for sandwich lovers. Fans of gang bang in various forms (even with more than three people) are likely to get their money's worth here.