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Getting pregnant in gay jargon means coming in your partner's anal area.

The word "impregnate" in the Gay Scene seems a little unrealistic. Strictly speaking, of course, this does not mean that one of the partners actually gets pregnant! Rather, it's about expressing that one of them at least fulfils the "rough" requirements by jerking off in the other.

The term is also often used in chats and in preparation for a real date. Both can get extremely turned on here by imagining sex with each other and explaining to each other how horny it would be to be in the other come.

However, getting pregnant should never happen without proper contraception. Whoever comes in the other should always have a Condom carry. In this way, the transmission of diseases can be prevented in the vast majority of cases.

If you love to watch the other person come, you can of course also opt for an alternative to the classic impregnation. How about a Cumshot? Some gays also prefer to simply squirt their partner on the back.

Getting pregnant is associated by many gay men with a particularly intense feeling. After all, the fucking does not have to be interrupted here. Those who come in a partner can let their feelings run their course in an extremely passionate way. Especially in the Doggy Position the visual aspect also plays an important role. Many gay men find it stimulating when they can observe how the Tail keeps "disappearing" up her partner's ass when she gets pregnant.

It is therefore not surprising why impregnation also plays an important role in porn. Depending on the camera work, horny pictures are created - even without the cock being pulled out - which often inspire people to imitate them.