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SM is the abbreviation for Sado Maso and accordingly stands for a well-known fetish.

SM is the abbreviation for Sado Maso. These are special sex practices in which pain, humiliation and humiliation are the main elements. Role plays are in the focus. The number of people who are enthusiastic about SM has grown continuously over time.

Usually the roles in classic S&M sex are clearly distributed: there is a slave and a master. The possibilities of submissive However, the ways of tormenting a part are extremely varied. While some like abuse and verbal humiliation, others get off on "real" physical pain.

SM is thus far more multi-faceted and multi-layered than it might appear at first glance.

To take the game of pain and co. to an even higher level, it is of course a good idea to use other typical accessories, such as toys or clothing. No matter whether Nipple clampsThe wide range of sex shops usually offers SM fans everything (or much) that their hearts desire.

However, SM is definitely not a new trend. The desire for pain has been around for a long time. It's just that more and more people are daring to give in to their desire in this regard.

This is evident time and again in connection with trade fairs, among other things. Many organisers have dedicated special areas to the SM sector where like-minded people can get together.

The SM Fetish has of course not passed the porn industry by. The shelves are full of films in which the performers inflict pain on each other at various levels of intensity.

However, what is usually scripted in porn should be planned - at least a little - in the bedroom at home. A code word between Slave and Lord ensures that the pain can be ended in an emergency without disturbing the atmosphere.