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Suck is the colloquial word for oral sex and directly translated means "to suck".

"Suck" is one of the best known words from the category "Dirty Talk". Surely everyone who has seen porn in the past has heard the familiar "Suck my Dick!".

Many gays sometimes even find "suck sex" more intense than the classic variant. After all, it is possible - depending on the technique - to sometimes go faster and sometimes slower and "lighter" here. blow.

Sometimes, of course, oral sex can be used as foreplay. In some cases, however, it is also the well-known "Cumshot" and the splashing in the face associated with it, which enjoys particular popularity with both the active and passive parts.

Suck sex is of course also suitable to be enjoyed as part of orgies with several people. For example, while one participant is being fucked from behind here, he can fuck another participant with a Blowjob indulge yourself. The possibilities here are particularly versatile and offer room for an extreme amount of imagination.

By the way: Suck sex is of course not just about sucking - even if the name suggests it. Almost every gay has a special technique for this. Usually a mix of sucking and sucking is used. Lick blown. The better the partners know each other, the easier it usually becomes to "perfect" oral sex and to give the other one more or less quickly - depending on the situation and mood. come to let

However, Suck does not only play at the "Flower sex", but also in the area of BDSM play an important role. Here, sucking (in the context of role play) sometimes takes place under "duress" and for example with masks and co.