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Tongue anal is another word for rimming and means stimulating your partner's anus with your tongue.

Tongue anal is a sex practice - mostly used among gays - in which the anal area is stimulated with the tongue. Here it is possible, among other things, to "only" lick or insert the tongue into the anus.

How intensive is the tongue anal, which is also known as "RimmingThe way in which the practice is referred to as "tongue anal" depends, of course, on the personal tastes of those involved. While some love to incorporate tongue anal games into foreplay, others pursue the practice to the point of Orgasm.

If you want to ensure even better hygiene, you can have a colonoscopy beforehand. This offers the possibility to clean the intestine from the inside and its entrance. For some gays, cleaning this area is part of a perfect tongue anal, others are a little more "painless" here. Especially when there is a tendency to Dirty sex is present, it may even be a particular attraction for those concerned to respond to said Flushing to do without.

Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that it is quite possible to transmit many bacteria during this kind of tongue sex. Therefore, tongue anal including colonoscopy is definitely the somewhat safer option.

Many porn films also play with the Fetishwhich has meanwhile formed around the tongue anal trend. Of course, there are also many possibilities with regard to the corresponding positions. Particularly popular in this context is the well-known face sitting and the variant that takes place at the Doggy Style oriented.