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Disney+ presents - Love, Victor via Star

Disney+ presents via Star - Love, Victor

Series "Love, Victor" finally available on German streaming service The LGBTQ Series hit "Love. Simon" from the USA finally makes it to a German streaming service. Fans had to wait a long time for this day. In the meantime, the series is running on "Disney+" - more precisely: in the newly introduced category "Disney+ STAR". However, "Love, Victor" is not the... weiterlesen

How queer are Walt Disney's characters ?

How queer are the characters of Walt Disney

Which Disney characters could gay or be a lesbian? Walt Disney and his magical works of art still accompany children on their way to adulthood. Surely everyone who grew up in the 90s knows at least one Disney film. They are often about a princess who is in danger and is saved by a heroic prince.... weiterlesen