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Which Disney characters could be gay or lesbian?

How queer are the characters of Walt Disney

Walt Disney and his magical works of art still accompany children on their way to adulthood.

Surely everyone who has worked in the 90s years has grown up, knows at least one Disney Film.

Often this is about a Princesswho is in danger and who is being helped by a heroic Princes is saved. Interestingly, however, some characters leave plenty of room for interpretation with regard to their sexual orientation.

Even though there will certainly be no official statement here in the near future, it's fun to get to grips a little with the classic Disney Heroes and their "queer traits". The following sections will shed light on who may not be straight and what are the signs of LGBTQ could indicate.

Is Ursula (Ariel the Mermaid) a drag queen?

Is Ursula (Ariel- the Mermaid) a Drag Queen

While Arielle voluntarily casts her vote to win over the love of her life, the evil underwater witch cherishes Ursula quite different plans. She wants Arielle out of the way in order to protect their arch-enemy and Arielle's Father King Triton to hurt.

Her extravagant make-up and dramatic attitude strongly suggest the Drag Queens of this world. She loves to make a special appearance and, among other things, has no problem putting herself and her curves in Scene to set.

Li Shang (Mulan) possibly bi?

Li Shang (Mulan) possibly bi

With regard to Mulan herself, the situation seems clear. She is a self-confident woman who wants to help her family by going to war instead of her father. In order not to attract attention, Mulan has to live as a man from now on.

The Captain Li Shang is entrusted with the task of getting the troupe into top form. In the process, feelings develop between him and Mulan. Li Shang confesses his love, interestingly enough, only when the heroine can live as a woman again. Before that, there were already some sizzling moments between the two. Is the captain actually bi?

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In the live-action adaptation, the role of the captain was deleted. Would the secret have been revealed otherwise?

Scar (The Lion King) - the gay uncle?

Scar (The Lion King) - the gay uncle?

Simba's Uncle may also be gay. There are even several indications in favour of this.

According to numerous reports, Disney filmmakers used to have problems with including clearly gay characters in films because they were simply not allowed to. Therefore, gay characters were implied through clothing and behaviour. (A classic example of this is, among others, also Le Fou from "Beauty and the Beast". He literally pines for his garçon. That he actually gay is, however, never mentioned).

Scar behaves very theatrically in the film without question and is full of hatred towards his brother, the King. Possibly this is because it was THE one who cast him out from the pack because of his sexual orientation?

Elsa (The Ice Queen) - lesbian, or not?
Elsa (The Ice Queen) - lesbian or not

Elsa is not only emancipated, but apparently not heterosexual either. Although her sexual orientation is not an issue in the film, many viewers consider whether Elsa here "of the standard" corresponds.

There are some hints to this in the subtext. Especially the songs "Into the Unknown" and "Show Yourself" have meanwhile become Coming Out anthems of the scene. Now the question arises whether Elsa had a coming out with it as well?! The only thing that is clear is that at no time - neither in the first nor in the second part - does she have a romantic relationship. Thus, the expectations of many fans were not fulfilled in the sequel either. Many had posted under the hashtag #giveelsaagirlfriend demanded to let Elsa find the love of her life. But who knows? Perhaps the fact that she is one of the few Princesses is, which has no Princes and do not need to be rescued, is that significant enough?

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After all, this kind of action proves that even in the Disney Factory seems to be doing a lot.



But not only in Disney films, but also in Video games there are queer characters.

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