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Wellness Weekends for Him Seeking Him Contacts @ Home

02 April 2020 14:00

In times of the Corona crisis and social distancing, many He sucht Ihn contacts ask themselves how they can spend their time within their own four walls as sensibly as possible. In addition to home office and housework, they should also celebrate a wellness weekend or two.

After all, a voluntary quarantine offers the wonderful opportunity to focus on oneself - both physically and mentally - in order to be able to take off again full of energy afterwards.

If you fancy a particularly high relaxation factor, you should plan your wellness weekends for gays a little. After all, it takes much more than the will to relax to switch off from everyday life.

Soothing massages for He Wants Him contacts

What could be more erotic and relaxing than the thought of a massage from your loved one? The good news: during a voluntary quarantine, nothing stands in the way of just that.

However, in order for a massage to be enjoyed with all the senses, it is of course necessary to have the appropriate Massage oil. The corresponding products do not have to be expensive. Often you can find an oil in the drugstore that both of you can get along with and that also has a pleasant smell and a nourishing consistency.

If you feel like having a soothing massage with your partner but don't yet know exactly which touches are usually perceived as particularly pleasant, you can also look around on the internet. Here you can often find inspiring instructions that can help you optimise your own massage skills. Suitable for beginners as well as for advanced He Wants Him contacts!

Flirting in autumn can be incredibly fun

The bathroom as a wellness oasis

Since wellness temples and swimming pools are currently still prohibited from resuming their operations, it makes sense to also consider the furnishings of the bathroom when planning a wellness weekend. After all, it is usually not only the body that relaxes, but also the eye. Sitting in the bath with the man of your dreams is not enough.

Those who want to relax on all levels should also consider, among other things, for:

Dimmed light
Scented sticks
(depending on taste) a glass of wine or sparkling wine

provide. Rounded off with the right music, this often creates a great atmosphere in which romantic feelings are not long in coming.

Great for lovers: the DIY face mask

Gays who love to cook together anyway are likely to be enthusiastic about making a DIY face mask, among other things. Depending on your personal taste, not only cucumbers and curd cheese have to be used here. come.

If you feel like being a little more imaginative, you can opt for strawberries, avocados and even coffee powder, among others. There are many helpful tips on the internet that can help you create a face mask that is not only nourishing but also delicious. This often means that you can enjoy it afterwards.

Wellness and streaming - a great combination

The bath has been enjoyed, the face mask applied? Then it's now time to relax further on the couch. How would that work better than with a series or a film?

In addition to new blockbusters and popular cult series, many streaming service providers are now also increasingly offering works from the LGBTQ Scene. In the end, individual taste decides how "gay" the evening TV programme should be.

Katy Bähm shoots herself out of the running?


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